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Stay healthy during this cold and flu season!

Everyone knows how to wash your hands, but to prevent illness; there is a specific procedure to follow. The proper hand washing techniques are as follows: Wash your hands by using running water with the temperature of at least 100*F or as hot as you can tolerate. Rubbing your hands and wrists together for 20 seconds; (which will seem like a lifetime, we train our staff to sing the alphabet while washing their hands!) Rinse hands from the wrists to finger tips. Dry hands with paper towel(s) and you must turn off the faucet with either your elbow or a clean paper towel. If you turn the faucet off with your cleaned/dried hands you have just re-contaminated your hands and will need to start the process over again.

Falls and Fall Risk

This time of year can be challenging, spending a majority of our time indoors because of the cold weather. You would think falls only happen outside the home in winter weather, but clutter and items inside the home can cause much more of a risk for people than outdoors.This article explains some of the hidden and upfront risk for falls in the home; including risks such as exercise, diet, vision or even medications. Click here to read this article.

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Cold and Flu season is unfortunately upon us and we want everyone to be prepared. In the attached articles, experts explain how to tell if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms and steps you can take to help prevent these this season, as well as information on the influenza vaccine. We are all about healthy living here at River Terrace Estates!  

Cold & Flu Symptoms

Influenza Vaccine Information

3 Tips on Aging Well for Baby Boomers

This article gives Baby Boomers (born 1946 -1964) 3 secrets to aging well. One secret is finding a community and immersing yourself in it- just one of many ways your life can get better with age! To read more on this topic, click here.

Loneliness and Your Health

One of the great things about being a resident at River Terrace Estates is being surrounded by others. Between the dedicated professionals and vibrant independent living residents – you can always find someone to be by your side. This article, written by Paula Spencer Scott of Caring.com outlines the dangers of loneliness and how you can fight it with positive thinking. To read this article, click here.